Sunday, September 18, 2011


Outside. Look. Do you see it?

It rests among the darkened clouds and the blowing wind. There, further, just past the tree line. Do you see it now?

Run down, careful, though, to the lake in the midst of the tight, claustrophobic trees. See the blackened, still water. Take a drink - the water is fresh and it will not harm.

Pus further. Pay no mind to the noises you hear:  they come from the bellowing stomachs of frightened animals. None will harm you. Keep pushing.

Up a little further now. Do you see it?

The temperature warms and the wind slows its pace. No longer will it engage in such a race of the natural things. Wait:  listen. Do you hear it?

The sun begins to awaken and rise. The skies turn a brilliant bright panorama of varied hue. The frightened creatures begin to chatter excitedly. Fear no longer consumes.

Look down.

See the light shine across the miles of majesty. Listen for the sound of millions of yawns. Hear the pouring of coffee, the munching of food, the growling of engines.

Do you hear it? Do you see it?

The day begins.



  1. Not sure where that optimistic ending came from. I found the rest of the piece compelling, but that ending just threw me.