Wednesday, November 23, 2011

more poetry.

an existential interrogative  

i ask
with the force of a
gale:  can any of us
see? can any of us
recognize the importance
of soul? do we know
the human condition?

or have we forgotten—
we, forever imprisoned,
know our fellow man
through the television
or the computer, where
no real interaction allows
for the intercession of
persons who, as always,
remain desirous of
companionship and

but, do we even know
ourselves? when we
glare into the glass
mirrors, do we see
what we need? or
is our image merely
a reflection, both what
we present and what
we feel internally?

the intrinsic meets
the extrinsic, and
we forever float
without tether, without
seeing the internal
and embracing the

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