Monday, August 29, 2011

An experimental piece.

I'd call in performance art, but I'm not sure it's that. I guess it can only be referred to as an experiment.

The Glorious Involution
A Play in One Act
By Jon Bishop

Scene One

We see five actors illuminated by a blindingly white light. The room and floors are pale. They are seated across the stage and are expressionless.

They resemble aspects of a person:  how so may be left to the director’s discretion.

All are named a letter A through E and this is indicative of their order. 

Alternating from right to left, ending in the center:

E: (proudly) Five!

Blackout. E exits.

Lights up.

A:  (frightened) Four!

Blackout. A exits.

Lights up.

B:  (blandly) Three!

Blackout. B exits.

Lights up.

C:  (angrily) Two!

Blackout. C exits.

Lights up.

D:  (bombastically) One!

He stares at the audience.


Close curtain.

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